The most fashionable country on Earth and its global influence

French chic, Italian grace, Japanese modesty – it is almost senselessly to focus on these stereotypes in modern relations with consumers. Today Popsop Research is dedicated to global fashion preferences to the nearest minute. There is no better way to understand consumers than to see what helps them express themselves while building own ideal world on social […]

These Are the Jewelry Trends of 2019, According to Fashion Experts

Jewelry trends come and go every season, just like your favorite shoes or handbags. And while its easy to treat earrings or a ring as an outfit after thought—especially on days you’re running late for work—having the right piece can transform a look. Many people, myself included, have one or two gold rings they wear every day or […]

These Will Be the Most Popular Fashion Trends in 2018 According to Pinterest

Accessories have the ability to make or break an outfit, completely transforming a little black dress or transitioning your outfit from day to night, from summer to fall. And when you’re in a fashion rut, the right accessories can breathe life back into your style. Pinterest analyzed accessory pins to predict the biggest trends for 2018. Here’s what we’ll all be […]