These Are the Top 10 Fashion Brands in the World

As major fashion houses play musical chairs with creative directors, the fashion world has been shaken up a bit when it comes to what’s in and what’s out. Designer logos are certainly having their post-early-aughts moment in the sun, while more athletic-centric brands have given way to luxury houses that have taken the sporty looks and run […]

The Most Expensive Luxury Clothing Brands For 2018

Economists might predict recession, inflation or anything affecting the economy but the luxury clothing industry has remained a high growth sector and performed as an ever-expanding market. A North American market estimated the value of the luxury market to be $ 290 billion in 2016. Here, we have researched and discussed the top 20 most […]

The 7 Fashion Trends to Know and Shop For in 2019

The new year signals the start of fresh adventures, renewed goals, and brand new fashion trends. Everything we know about 2019’s must-have styles comes from our deep dives into the spring runways and pre-fall ’19 collections. You can expect a resurgence of nostalgic favorites like tie dye print and new obsessions like the perfect denim […]


While the runway showcases what’s coming next in fashion, the streets display not only the future but also what’s on-trend right now. So, if you’re looking to keep your wardrobe up-to-date, the world’s top street style stars have the inspiration you need. Every season, these stylish ladies debut the latest and greatest fashion looks, and […]


From the avant-garde colour explosion of Harajuku girls to the steampunk-inspired Lolitas, Tokyo’s fashionistas have shown they love to experiment with eye-popping outfits. Vogue recently declared its prime attraction to Tokyo Fashion Week was to witness the ‘most experimental fashion obsessives we’ve ever seen’, with Tokyo considered ‘the urban embodiment of unbridled – if not out-of-this-world street […]